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(2023) Best Vegan Restaurants In Sydney

Find the best food and discover Sydney's vibrant vegan scene with this comprehensive guide
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Sydney a city known for its iconic landmarks, diverse culture, and vibrant food scene. The food here is just as stunning as the Opera House and as lively as its beaches, showing off Sydney's unique flair and spirit.

The city is a goldmine of vegan eats, and I've had some seriously good food that I can't wait to share with you. The vegan scene here has been steadily growing and transforming over the years, making Sydney a must-visit destination for vegan food lovers.

From hidden gem cafes to bustling eateries, there's a wide range of places to satisfy your vegan cravings. Whether you're a full-time vegan or just curious, you're gonna love the variety and flavours Sydney has to offer. So, let's dive in and explore the best food I’ve had in my Sydney trip:

Gigi Pizzeria


Pizzas here are delicious with a fragrant chewy base and flavourful toppings

Recommended Dish: Salsiccia e Broccoli pizza

If you're a fan of Italian cuisine, then you need to visit Gigi Pizzeria in Newtown! The dishes I had here were amazing. But keep in mind that they can be quite busy, so go early if you don't want to wait (they don’t take bookings).

The Salsiccia e Broccoli pizza I tried is amazing. The soft, chewy base, topped with beyond sausage, sautéed broccoli, and crumbled mozzarella, was exceptional. The Calzone Speciale, filled with ricotta, mushrooms, and smoked slices, was also impressive with its tasty, cheesy filling. The arancini is also pretty good.

The Calzone Speciale is filled with ricotta, mushrooms, smoked slices and more

And if you still have room for dessert, try the classic tiramisu. It’s well made with great texture, though I personally would have preferred it a bit sweeter.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Tiramisu from Gigi's

Golden Lotus


The vegan fried fish in clay pot is one of my favourite dishes in Sydney

Recommended Dish: Vegan fried fish in clay pot

Just a short walk from Newtown train station is Golden Lotus, a Vietnamese vegan eatery that seems to be full all the time. And after going there, I can let you know that it’s popular for a reason!

The clay pot fried fish is one of my favourite dishes in Sydney. Incredibly rich and packed with deep flavours, and the vegan fish texture is also great. Other delicious dishes I’ve tried here include the rich and creamy laksa, and the yellow noodle soup with rich broth and generous toppings.

As I mentioned, this place gets pretty busy. If you don’t want to wait long, visit on a weekday, or have early dinner here.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Laksa in Golden Lotus is rich and creamy, with a generous amount of toppings

Oh My Days


Recommended Dish: Any croissants or croffins

Now, if you're a fan of pastries and all things baked, Oh My Days is a must-visit. I absolutely love this place, especially their deliciously flaky croissants.

The pandan coconut croissant is so delicious that I bought a second one to take back with me. The flaky pastry coupled with the sweet pandan coconut filling makes it one of my favourites this trip. The melted cheese croissant toastie with bacon is also amazing, featuring the melty mozzarella from Rebel and Rascal, a local vegan cheese brand with a shop in Newtown.

The pandan coconut croissant is delicious

They have both indoor and outdoor seating, and you'll also find the Cruelty Free Shop and Soul Burger nearby - perfect for a bit of shopping after your meal.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Good selection of all-vegan pastries

Calle Rey


Delicious vegan taco from Calle Rey with the Fable carnitas taco at the front

Recommended Dish: Watermelon tuna tartare

Who knew a vegan Mexican restaurant with a Japanese twist existed? Calle Rey in Newtown is a unique vegan restaurant with delicious food.

The watermelon tuna tartare was an unexpected favourite of mine; it's fascinating how the slow-cooked watermelon mimics the texture of tuna. The dish comes with avo and cucumber, which you can eat all together on a corn chip. Although I'd love the portion to be bigger for the price, I still love this dish for its creativity and amazing taste.

Despite its relatively small portion, the watermelon tuna tartare is innovative and delicious

I’ve tried 3 types of taco during my visit: The smoked chicken, Fable carnitas, and the California roll taco. Each one has its own unique flavour profile, but if I had to pick my favourite, it would be the Japanese-Mexican fusion of the California roll taco. The contrasting texture of cream cheese and crispy prawn in a taco is unexpected and delicious.

If you happen to visit on a Taco Tuesday, you can get their taco for just $5 each which is amazing value considering the quality.


Address & Hours | Instagram


Surry Hills

Recommended Dish: Korean fried broccolini

Yulli's is an all-vegan spot that deserves a visit, or two as in my case. I love the food here, with the savoury options standing out more than the desserts.

Don’t miss their Korean fried broccolini. It is light, crispy and coated with a strong, sticky sweet chilli sauce that packs a punch. The zucchini flowers is also well made with a tasty beetroot filling and a mustard dressing. The creamy cauliflower pappardelle and baked zucchini are also great options.

The choc lava cake has amazing presentation

Their dessert menu, though not as impressive to me as their savoury dishes, is still great. The chocolate lava cake is well made with a beautiful presentation. But the kanafe dessert is not my favourite as the filo pastry lacks crispiness, and the combination of mozzarella in a dessert is a bit off to me.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Seatings of Yulli's in Surry Hills

Comeco Foods


Recommended Dish: Japanese katsu curry rice with roasted veggies

Nestled in the heart of Newtown, Comeco is a delightful vegan Japanese cafe. You’ll feel welcomed by its warm service and ambiance when you arrive.

They've got a relatively small menu featuring some classic Japanese dishes like curry rice and tempura. The food I’ve tried here is overall tasty with great attention to details.

Onigiri and tempura plate from Comeco

Their tempura and onigiri plate is a great choice for anyone who wants a bit of everything. The Japanese curry rice is tasty with rich curry, but the katsu is a bit too thin and not as ‘meaty’ as I’ve hoped. But I’d still recommend the katsu curry rice instead of the one without as it’s only $1 difference.

If you're up for a snack, their vegan chicken karaage with a karashi mustard sauce is great. If you are craving desserts, try their sweet potato doughnuts. I’ve tested the yuzu custard and kinako sugar flavours, and both of them are delicious with a fluffy and chewy doughnut. For drinks, the sesame and hojicha lattes are classic Japanese choices that’s hard to find elsewhere.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Seatings of Comeco Foods

La Petite Fauxmagerie


Recommended Dish: Marinated fetta

This all-vegan cheese shop in Newtown carrying several brands, including their own - Rebel & Rascal. If you're a cheese lover, this place is perfect for you!

If you are lucky, you may get some delicious samples from one of the friendly owners and staff. I’ve tried a few and the ricotta and marinated fetta are amazing. The marinated fetta is especially versatile - it can be mixed in pasta or simply enjoyed on crackers. Not to mention the price of their cheeses are also reasonable. Plus, they carry pastries from Oh My Days.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Marinated fetta of La Petite Fauxmagerie is amazing

Mother Chu's

Sydney CBD

Recommended Dish: Golden mushrooms and soy sheets roulades in black pepper sauce

Located in the heart of Sydney CBD, Mother Chu's is a decent Taiwanese restaurant option for vegans.

Their golden mushrooms and soy sheets roulades in black pepper sauce is a standout, offering a delicious and unexpected combination of beancurd rolls with a taro filling. The steam BBQ buns also make for a nice side - soft bun with just the right amount of filling. However, the sizzling plate with soya bean roll is a bit disappointed with the small portion of the dish.

Keep in mind that some dishes have honey

Keep in mind that some dishes have honey, like the ‘glazed honey gluten with walnuts’ I had. Specify ‘no honey’ when you order those dishes. Also be prepared for a bit of a wait during dinner time as this place can get quite busy.


Address & Hours | Website

Miss Sina - Nutie

Surry Hills

Everything I've had here is delicious

Recommended Dish: Everything I've tried here is delicious

Miss Sina + Nutie is one of my favourite spots from this Sydney trip. This hidden gem of a bakery in Surry Hills offers a fantastic range of all-vegan pastries and desserts.

Everything I tried was fantastic. Their truffle potato danish and almond choc croissant are my favourites, each offering an amazing flaky croissant texture with delicious fillings/toppings. The cheeseburger jaffle is another delicious item with melty cheese and classic burger fillings. And the hot chocolate doughnut has a tasty cakey texture. Honestly, it's hard to go wrong here when anything you choose.

Keep in mind that they only have a limited seatings outside the bakery.

Apple crumple pie that I tried was deliciously flaky and rich


Address & Hours | Miss Sina Instagram | Nutie Instagram

Selection of vegan pastries and toasties from Miss Sina

Soul Burger

Multiple Locations

Lamb brisket burger from Soul Burger

Recommended Dish: Lamb brisket burger

Soul Burger is a vegan burger joint in Sydney with a few branches, including the one in Glebe which I visited twice. You’ll also find their sister brands in the shops: Plantas (Mexican cuisine) and Zayna's Lebanese.

Soul Burger has a good range of vegan burgers, sides, and milkshakes. My favourites are the meaty lamb brisket burger, and the comfort food goodness of the Southern fried chicken burger. Their meatballs in the subs are also superb.

The meatball sub is delicious with meaty, flavourful meatballs

But not everything hit the mark for me. The burrito from their sister brand, Plantas, could do with a lot more seasoning. The satay burger was decent but didn't deliver on the rich peanut taste I was hoping for. Still, with daily specials like a $10 meatball sub on weekends, Soul Burger is worth a try when you’re in Sydney.


4 locations including Newtown, Glebe, Randwick and Parramatta | Instagram

Soul Burger in Glebe

The Rocks Markets

The Rocks

Baklava from Ard

The Rocks Markets is a weekend market you can visit before heading off to see the iconic Sydney Opera House. Even though it's not exclusively vegan, the market offers quite a few great vegan options. I’ve had found these in the Rocks Markets:

  1. Baklava from Ard - Flaky and delicious!
  2. Caramelised onion potato focaccia from Miss Focaccia - Great texture of the focaccia
  3. Peanut Butter gelato from Mapo - Tasty, and love that the cone is vegan as well.


Address & Hours | Instagram

Neko Neko


Vegan superfood agedashi tofu & eggplant teishoku meal set

Recommended Dish: Vegan gyoza

Although Neko Neko is not a vegan restaurant, its vegan offering is pretty impressive. “Neko” means cat in Japanese, and that’s why you’ll find a lot of cat-themed decor here, perfect for cat lovers like myself.

Their ramen is entirely vegan, and there are quite a few other vegan dishes on the menu as well.

I tried the vegan tan tan ramen, which has chewy ramen noodles with a decent broth. It would be even better if the mince tasted less like TVP. The vegan superfood agedashi tofu & eggplant teishoku meal set is a delightful assortment of tofu, eggplant, pickles, veggies, and rice. However, the eggplant, agedashi tofu bowl is rather oily.

Their vegan gyoza is a must-try. It’s soft, flavourful, and crispy. And don't miss their housemade soy matcha latte. It's rich, delicious, and comes in a cute little bottle.


Address & Hours | Instagram 

Le Gourmand


Recommended Dish: Macarons

Le Gourmand is a bit of a mixed bag, but worth visiting for their incredible vegan macarons when you are in Newtown. This entirely vegan patisserie offers some indoor seating, making it a nice spot to unwind on a lazy afternoon.

The vegan macarons are a treat - crispy shells, soft filling, and a great selection of flavours. The peanut butter and iced vovo flavours are my favourites. However, I also had the pistachio crème brûlée here and it left much to be desired with its weird texture.


Address & Hours | Instagram 

I Should Be Souvlaki


Signature souvlaki wrap

Recommended Dish: Baked cheesecake

If you're up for some Greek-inspired vegan food, then check out I Should Be Souvlaki in Newtown. This all-vegan spot had some decent dishes, but I have to say it didn't live up to the hype for me. That being said, the food is still good overall.

The menu offers a good range of options, from their signature wraps to cheesecakes. The signature souvlaki wrap (I chose chicken and ultimate lamb protein) is tasty, but I find it less flavourful than expected. The salted and pepper calamari is okay, although it’s a bit too soft and not crispy enough for me. Both the southern fried chicken tenders and the popcorn cauliflower are decent but not amazing.

But the real highlight of the meal is the lemon blueberry cheesecake - the lemony flavour is spot on, and the texture of the baked cheesecake is amazing.


Address & Hours | Instagram 

Kindness Vegan


Recommended Dish: Massaman curry with seaweed tofu

Located within walking distance from the city, Kindness Vegan in Darlinghurst is a good option for vegan food.

They have a menu of classic Thai dishes. Overall the food is good, but not amazing. The standout dish for me is the massaman curry, which is flavourful. The delicious seaweed tofu mimics the texture of fried fish with the seaweed wrapped around the beancurd roll, and it’s a nice addition to the curry. Be sure to ask for a mild curry if you are not great with spicy food. The pad si iew, a fried rice noodle dish with sweet soy sauce, is well made and satisfying. But the gravy noodles with flat rice noodles don’t quite hit the mark for me because the sauce is not strong enough to be called gravy.

For dessert, I tried the grilled banana with sticky rice, which was a special during my visit. It was delicious with the crispy caramel banana paired with soft, chewy sticky rice


Address & Hours | Instagram 

Vegan Grocery Store


I also went to The Vegan Grocery Store (previously known as Cruelty Free Shop), which is just across the road from Oh My Days and Soul Burger. This all-in-one shop stocks a wide variety of products that cater to all your vegan needs. It's the perfect place to stop by after a meal to pick up some goodies for later.


Address & Hours | Instagram 

Iku & Cali Press

Sydney CBD

In the food court at 25 Martin Place, where you'll find Iku, Cali Press and other eateries. Iku is an all-vegan spot with a good selection of dishes. Their curry is a decent option, though it didn't blow me away.

While Cali Press isn't exclusively vegan, they do offer a few vegan options. I tried their vegan BBQ Mushroom Brisket salad rice bowl, which is surprisingly flavourful and delicious.

Iku: Vegan

Address & Hours | Instagram 

Cali Press: Vegan-option

Address & Hours | Instagram 

Sydney Vegan Market

If you happen to be in Sydney on the 3rd Sunday of the month, be sure to visit Sydney Vegan Market for some tasty food. Read this guide for more info.

Sydney Vegan Market at Entertainment Quarters

I've also visited Sydney Vegan Market previously at Sydney Olympic Park

Honourable Mentions (That I didn’t Get The Time To Go)




Bad Hombres

Little Turtle


Eden Bondi

Bootleg Italian

Pizza Madre

The Sunshine Inn

Sanga Vegan

Shift Eatery

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