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Sydney's All-Vegan Supermarket in Newtown - Green's Supermarket

All-vegan supermarket in Newtown: Impressive vegan product range with eco-conscious initiatives
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Newtown in Sydney has always been known for its eclectic culture and vibrant vegan scene. So it makes complete sense that an all-vegan supermarket has opened in the area.

Green’s Supermarket has an impressive selection of vegan products. From fresh veggies and snacks, to hard-to-find products like liquid egg and a full wheel of vegan parmesan.

While many vegan shops tend to lean on the pricier side, I'm happy to see that the prices at Green’s Supermarket are quite competitive, especially given that it's independent. This helps being vegan more accessible for all.

You can pick different shopping basket depending whether you'd need assistance shopping

Wide range of vegan snacks

Or get a whole wheel of vegan parmesan cheese

About sustainability, Green’s Supermarket is not just content with offering vegan products. They've taken eco-consciousness to the next level by being entirely powered by solar energy with 62 solar panels, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Before you head to the cashier, don’t miss out on the ready-to-eat food section near the front of the shop. Whether it’s desserts from Fresh & Frosted, hearty meals from Iku, or the sweet layers of baklava from Ark, it'll be hard not to get something. Also they offer free filtered water and sparkling water on tap.

I tried the biscoff cheesecake jar from Fresh & Frosted and it's delicious

Vegan baklava from Ark is available at the time of visit

Ready-to-eat meals near the entrance

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