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(2024) Vegan Tokyo Guide | Best Restaurants & Cafes For Vegan Food

Your guide to the best vegan cafes and restaurants in Tokyo, Japan
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You may have read that Tokyo doesn't have much vegan food. You may be worried that you have to eat soba noodles with soy sauce when you arrive in Tokyo.

That couldn’t be further away from the truth. Tokyo is actually a vegan foodie heaven with many delicious options.

From traditional Japanese ramen to vegan Japanese 'kissaten' coffee shop, you will be surprised of the amount of vegan food available in Tokyo. In this guide, let me show you some of my favourite vegan places in Tokyo.

Tokyo Travel Information For Vegans

Best Time To Visit Tokyo

I love visiting Tokyo during its cherry blossom season in late March to early April. If you are traveling to Tokyo during that time, definitely visit cherry blossom spots like Meguro river and Ueno Park. But avoid the busy Japan Golden Week which is April 29 to May 5 every year.

Where To Stay In Tokyo For The Best Food

For my Tokyo trip, I stayed in Tosei Hotel Cocone Kanda, which is a decent hotel about 5-minute walk to Kanda Station or about 13-minute walk to Tokyo Station. The location is close enough to a train station for convenience but not too busy like the Shinjuku or Shibuya area. The hotel is clean and modern, but pretty small like most other hotels in Japan.

There are many areas in Tokyo that are great for first-time visitors including popular options like Shinjuku, Ginza, Ueno and more. As long as you stay near a train station, getting around should be relatively convenient even if you are not in the most popular areas.

Internet & Data

For my trip, I used Airalo for mobile data. It’s one of the cheapest options in the market and the reception is great throughout my trip. With some light scrolling on social media, checking maps and translating Japanese, I used about 1gb of data per day. And most coffee shops and shopping centres have free wifi as well.

Vegan Bistro Jangara


Located in the heart of Harajuku, Vegan Bistro Jangara is a must-visit for ramen lovers. Opened by the ramen chain 'Kyushu Jangara', this vegan restaurant knows a thing or two about crafting a delicious bowl of ramen.

The ramen here is authentic and delicious, with rich, umami broth and classic toppings. The kobonshan ramen is a must-try if it’s your first time visiting. It’s a ramen that originated from Kumamoto, and this vegan version features a superbly rich broth and realistic grilled vegan meat.

Beyond ramen, the menu features other vegan Japanese dishes like sizzling grilled soy meat plates, gyoza and karaage. I tried the karaage but the texture was a bit spongy for my taste, but the tartare sauce that came with it was tasty.

With its central Harajuku location and popularity among tourists, this restaurant is almost always full, especially around lunch and dinner times. I arrived at around 8pm on a weekday and still had to wait 20 minutes.

When you arrive, simply wait by the lift area until the staff calls you in one by one. You can scan the QR code on the wall to see the menu before heading in the restaurant.

Access and Hours


Ginza & Shibuya

If you are looking for some creative vegan dishes, 2foods would be a great stop to put on your list. This all-vegan cafe has two locations: Ginza and Shibuya, both of which are inside the Loft shop. The decor is modern with a colourful industrial vibe.

The menu features creative vegan takes of dishes that may be hard to find elsewhere, including omurice (rice topped with egg), and vegan nuggets with colourful dips. I tried the omurice which is an interesting dish. They definitely got the appearance right, but the taste is pretty mild without much of an eggy flavour.

For those with a sweet tooth, go for their doughnuts or chocolate croissants. Many of the menu items are available for purchase in their shop section including the vegan “Ever Egg” that’s used on the omurice.

Ginza: Access and Hours

Shibuya: Access and Hours

T’s Tantan

Tokyo Station (Other locations: Ueno, Ikebukuro & Narita Airport)

T's Tantan is probably the most famous and popular vegan restaurant in Tokyo, and it’s for a good reason. Every time I visited, the ramen is reliably delicious at a reasonable price.

The Tokyo Station branch can be a bit tricky to find, follow the signs for the Keiyō line train (the red coloured JE line) until you reach the escalators marked "Keiyō line (direction for Maihama)," and T’s Tantan will be on the right of that. This popular spot has a constant queue, so if you can, go to the less busy branches at Ueno or Ikebukuro Stations, or their flagship restaurant in Jiyugaoka.

For first-timers, go for the golden tantan noodles. The rich, creamy broth packs flavours. With toppings of soy mince, sesame, peanut butter and veggies, this ramen is satisfying and delicious at around 1,100 yen. They also offer other bowls like black sesame tantan ramen and yuzu ramen. For something extra, add three gyoza to make an even more satisfying meal.

In addition to the dine-in menu, T's Tantan has some takeaway options that make a perfect ekiben (railway bento) to take on the Shinkansen bullet train. They provide two delicious options including a soy meat bento or a 10-piece gyoza bento.

Access and Hours

Izakaya Masaka


Located in the PARCO shopping centre in the heart of Shibuya, Izakaya Masaka is a popular all-vegan restaurant serving up a small menu of traditional Japanese dishes.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the karaage - one of the most realistic and insanely delicious vegan meat I’ve tasted. The meaty texture and rich flavours make this a must-try item. Choose from one of the many sauces to top the karaage like the teriyaki mayo that I opted for. The gyoza is another delicious, authentic choice with its crispy base and classic gyoza filling.

Because of its central location and relatively small space, expect the place to be packed, especially on weekends.

Access and Hours

Crispy gyoza from Izakaya Masaka

Komeda Is


A classic dish in kissaten - this soy katsu sandwich has a crispy soy cutlet and a deliciously tangy sauce

If you're familiar with the classic Japanese "kissaten" coffee shop chains, then you probably have heard of Komeda Coffee.

This Ginza branch is their all-vegan venture called Komeda Is. With an interior featuring wood, plants, and plenty of natural lighting, it offers a modern and green twist on the traditional kissaten ambiance.

Vienna coffee with vegan whipped cream on top

The food menu here is just as impressive, veganising a wide range of classic Japanese coffee shop dishes. You’ll find delicious options like katsu cutlet sandwich, avocado teriyaki burger, tofu fritters, and more. The drink selection will also impress, featuring hard-to-find treats like Vienna coffee and a coffee ice cream float.

With its cozy ambiance and tasty vegan food, this unique vegan kissaten experience is a must-visit for vegans travelling to Tokyo.

Access and Hours

Fruits and Season


Mixed fruit sandwich with fluffy cream and high quality fruits: kiwi, strawberry, banana and mandarin

This chic cafe specialises in vegan whipped cream fruit sandwiches. It offers a great selection of sandwiches made with high quality fruits, including seasonal varieties. The sandwiches has fluffy whipped cream in between soft sandwich bread. With the colourful fruits, these sandwiches are as photogenic as they are delicious. You can also find fruit tarts, fruit jellies, and açai bowls in this cafe.

Dine-in customers are required to order a drink in addition to their food items. During busy hours, there is also a 60-minute time limit for dining in.

Access and Hours

Marbre Vegan


A seasonal sakura cake with layers of cherry blossom montblanc, matcha sponge cake, red bean paste and more

Marbre Vegan is a charming vegan dessert shop in Shinjuku. Located near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, this is the perfect pitstop after exploring the famous garden.

This small cafe offers a delightful array of vegan desserts, all delicious and expertly crafted. The menu features classics such as strawberry cake, tiramisu, and apple tart, but they also have seasonal specials like the sakura cake I tried. Gluten-free options are marked on the menu. Other than the sweet options, they also have a rotating savoury option, like the katsu cutlet sandwich during my visit.

Access and Hours

T’s Restaurant


The fried chicken of T's Restaurant is superb

T's Restaurant is located in Jiyugaoka, just a 10-minute train ride from Shibuya Station. This neighbourhood has a charming European atmosphere and is home to the flagship restaurant of the highly popular T's Tantan chain. Unlike the crowded Tokyo Station T’s Tantan, T's Restaurant is a much quieter and classier option, offering delicious dishes that’s not available at T's Tantan, yet still with reasonable prices.

Almost everything I’ve tried here is top-notch. A must-try dish from their menu is the paella doria - a creamy, cheesy baked rice topped with an incredibly flavourful and perfectly textured fried chicken. Because of how good it is, I’d recommend adding 2 extra pieces of the fried chicken for just 220 yen more.

If you're craving the famous tantan ramen from T’s Tantan, you can enjoy it here without the crowds and headache of locating the branch inside the maze-like Tokyo Station. One dish I wouldn’t recommend here is the pizza, as it's pretty average with a dry, cracker-like texture.

For something sweet, try their parfaits or creme brûlée. They also sell their own brand of vegan products in the shop area, such as tantan ramen cup noodles, ready-to-eat curries, sauces, and dashi (broth) powders.

Access and Hours

Stop by the shop area to get buy some of their own vegan products

Universal Bakes & Cafe


Universal Bakes & Cafe is a cute, fully vegan bakery offering an enticing array of baked goods that will make you want to try one of everything. You’ll find vegan croissants, sweet red bean paste-filled buns, apple crumble toast, and more. One of their most popular items is the French toast topped with a scoop of vegan ice cream, served in a cast iron skillet.

I tried a classic Japanese bakery item - curry bun. It has a crispy outer crumbs, soft bread and rich curry fillings. Highly recommended.

I'd recommend the delicious curry bun from Universal Bakes

While the bakery has limited seatings, the outdoor area allows you to enjoy your treats while facing a serene neighbourhood street. Just be aware that to dine in, you'll need to order a drink along with your baked item.

Access and Hours

Taiyaki Hiiragi


This vegan-friendly spot in Ebisu specialises in egg-free taiyaki (a beloved Japanese street food dessert that’s shaped like a fish). Their regular taiyaki is a delicious vegan treat, featuring a thin, wafer-like shell filled with sweet red bean paste and chewy mochi bites. Keep in mind the ice cream taiyaki is not vegan.

Be sure to check out the vegan convenience store - Weller - which is just a block away from Taiyaki Hiiragi.

Access and Hours



Special silk-smooth veggie tonkotsu MIRATon - A delicious vegan take on the tonkotsu variety of ramen

Ippudo is a famous ramen chain across Japan, and this location in Shinjuku offers two delicious vegan ramen options - a tonkotsu ramen and a soy sauce ramen. The ramen broth is rich with good umami flavours. This location also serves up tasty vegan gyoza with a juicy koya tofu and mushroom filling at a reasonable price. The gyoza is pan-fried with a crispy base.

Not all Ippudo locations provide these vegan options. Other than this Shinjuku shop, I’ve seen the branch in Kyoto near Karasuma Station that has vegan ramen.

Access and Hours

Ippudo located in Shinjuku Lumine EST

More Vegan Cafes & Restaurants In Tokyo

There are a lot more vegan cafes and restaurants in Tokyo that I didn't have time to cover in this guide. In my ebook, The Vegan Foodie Guide To Japan, you'll see 34 additional vegan friendly places in Tokyo with amazing vegan food. This comprehensive book also covers cafes & restaurants in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and more.

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