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Up-to-date. Written April 2024.
Plan Your Perfect Vegan Foodie Trip To Japan
This vegan travel ebook is packed with 132+ vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants in popular Japan destinations including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and beyond.

This book helps you find the best vegan food in Japan, even if it's your first time travelling there.
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"I got this ebook for my trip to Japan and it was so helpful! ... Soemtimes happy cow could be confusing with too many random listings. Instead, I could just flip through and easily pick places that looked amazing for each day based on where I was sightseeing... There were so many places in the guide that I didn't even get to try on this trip. I can't wait to go back and eat my way through more of the vegan spots it featured. If you're heading to Japan as a vegan, I’d definitely recommend getting this guide!" - Review on Gumroad
"Andy has done beautiful work with this guide. Not only is it more comprehensive than most books I've read about finding vegan places in Japan, it is beautifully and thoughfully put together. Easy and beautiful to read and just so much better than your standard ebook." - Review on Gumroad
"Great book. Saved me hours of research… would recommend to any vegan/ vegetarian planning a trip to Japan!" - Review on Gumroad
"An incredible resource that I can't wait to use on my upcoming trip to Japan. It has alleviated all concern that I had thinking Japan would not be overly vegan friendly. I can't wait to eat at as many of the places in the guide as possible. I also love the itinerary recommendations." - Review on Gumroad
"I'm traveling in Japan at the moment and I find this super helpful!" - Review on Gumroad
What's Inside Vegan Foodie Guide To Japan
This book helps you plan your perfect vegan foodie trip to Japan, even if you don't speak the language and it's your first time travelling to Japan.

No more wasting time reading outdated blog posts or dig through hundreds of online listings on Happy Cow trying to determine which cafes are actually good. When you want to make the most of your Japan trip, that process can be painfully time-consuming.

Having travelled to Japan 11 times (10 times as a vegan), I wrote this guide to help other vegans to find the best food effortlessly. This book includes 132+ vegan-friendly cafes and restaurants in popular Japan destinations including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and beyond, as well as other essential information to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.
Eat The Best Vegan Food In Japan Even If It’s Your First Time There
From traditional Japanese izakaya to modern patisseries, you’ll discover 132+ vegan friendly restaurants and navigate Japan's vegan scene like an expert.

Each restaurant includes essential information like dish recommendations, price range and more.
Go Beyond Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka
This comprehensive guide also cover the best vegan spots for popular day-trip destinations like Nara, Kamakura, Kobe and Himeji.
Never Go Hungry With Chain Restaurants Vegan Options
Even if a restaurant is unexpectedly closed or if you find yourself in vegan dead zone, this section saves you from going hungry. It includes vegan options in nationwide chain restaurants in Japan like Coco’s Ichibanya and Mos Burger.
Bonuses To Make Your Japan Trip More Perfect
Vegan Foodie Itineraries
7- and 14-day itineraries covering the best vegan restaurants and must-see attractions in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and beyond.
Vegan Shopping Guides In Japan
Get tips for food shopping in convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores and more. Completed with some example vegan products that you can get.
Guide To Finding Vegan Japanese Traditional Sweets
You’ll know how to look for the vegan versions of these 13 traditional desserts like mochi and dango; Include insights like where to find them and what ingredients to look out for.
Beginner's Guide To Reading Food Labels
For those who want to be more adventurous and explore additional vegan options in shops, this guide help you eliminate non-vegan products quickly by breaking down different parts of Japanese food labels.
Handy Japanese Phrases For Vegans
Overcome language barriers and communicate your dietary needs using this Japanese phrase guide. You’ll also find a ‘vegan card’ that you can show at shops and restaurants.
Practical Tips For Stress-Free Travel
Crafted from the experience gained over 11 trips to Japan, this section covers insights that would make your Japan trip more enjoyable, including tips on getting around, payment methods and more.
Your Questions Answered
What Cities Does This Book Cover?

This foodie guide covers the 3 most popular destinations for vegan travellers - Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, as well as 4 day trip destinations including Nara, Kamakura, Kobe and Himeji.

Do I Need To Understand Japanese?

No need to worry about language barrier. I've done extensive research to curate the best vegan-friendly spots in Japan. Also in major cities, most Japanese restaurants have English menus. Plus, you'll find a handy section with useful Japanese phrases to make your trip even easier.

How Is This Book Different Than The Guides On Your Website?

This comprehensive ebook features an expanded selection of vegan-friendly places compared to the guides on my website. All the essential information you need is neatly compiled in one mobile-friendly format, ready for offline reading to make sure you know where to find the best vegan food, even in areas with limited internet access.

Is This Book Available In Print?

This ebook is only available in digital format to make sure it’s available right at your fingertips throughout your trip. This ebook has interlinked pages and a mobile-optimised layout for the ultimate convenience for your Japan trip.

Ready For Your Perfect Foodie Trip To Japan?