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Best Vegan Desserts in Tokyo

Ice cream, doughnut, pancake and more. Read this to know where to find the best vegan desserts.
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Tokyo may not be the vegan heaven that you expect, but if you know where to look, it’s not difficult to find some mouth-watering vegan desserts.

From a 10-layer vegan parfait to fluffy pancakes, Tokyo will impress you with the selection of high quality desserts.

Here are the list of restaurants with delicious vegan treats in Tokyo:

Wired Bonbon

Hojicha warabimochi parfait

Although not a veg restaurant, Wired Bonbon ranks high on this list because of their delicious, extensive, all-vegan dessert menu.

You can find parfait, tiramisu, crepes, cakes and more in Wired Bonbon. I especially love their parfait which are made with layers upon layers of delicious ingredients.

This matcha red bean parfait is perfect if you are looking for a Japanese inspired dessert.

Vegan option | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Ain Soph (Journey, Ginza, Soar) and Ripple

Vegan cheesecake from Ain Soph Journey

Ain Soph is a vegan restaurant chain in Japan with branches mainly in Tokyo. Each of their restaurant (Journey, Soar, Ginza and Ripple) have different styles and menus.

Heavenly Pancakes from Ain Soph Journey

Their heavenly pancake is one of my favourite desserts in Tokyo, and it’s available in Ain Soph Journey/Soar/Ginza. The pancake is soft and fluffy. It also comes with vegan whipped cream and ice cream. They also do seasonal flavours like this strawberry one during Spring.

Ain Soph Soar does great parfaits. This matcha red bean parfait has two scoops of perfectly creamy ice cream with whip, red bean paste, mochi, matcha jelly and more.

If those are not enough, they also have cheesecake, chocolate cake, creme brulee and these cute dessert cups:

Pudding and tiramisu cups from Ain Soph and Ripple

Vegan | Address and Hours: Journey, Ginza, Soar, Ripple
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Premarche Gelateria

High grade chocolate sorbet and pistachio

Originally from Kyoto, this ice cream parlour is vegan friendly with almost half the flavours vegan. The other flavours are either bee-gan (with honey) or milk base. The standard cone is vegan, but the waffle cone is not.

The ice cream is creamy and flavourful. I especially love their ‘French High Grade Chocolate Sorbet”, which is one of the richest chocolate flavours I’ve had, in an ice cream form. Other flavours like matcha ume plum and roasted brown rice caramel are also great. You can also find seasonal flavours throughout the year.​

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
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Matcha ume and high grade chocolate

Taiyaki Hiiragi

Taiyaki is a traditional fish-shaped street food from Japan. “Tai” is a type of bream and “yaki” means cooking/frying.

Taiyaki Hiiragi is a specialty shop selling freshly made taiyaki in Ebisu. The standard taiyaki here is vegan. The shop is not far away from Ebisu station.

The taiyaki tastes amazing here. The crust is thin and crispy on the edges. And it’s filled with sweet, soft red bean paste. Usually other taiyaki, which are made with egg, have a thicker outer layer. But this one is different in a good way.

There are some space and chairs outside for you to enjoy the taiyaki, as eating while walking is not common in Japan.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Good Town Doughnuts + The Little Bakery Tokyo

Matcha doughnut

Good Town Doughnuts and The Little Bakery Tokyo are located in a small street near Harajuku. These two shops are next to each other and they both have clearly marked vegan options.

Good Town doughnut has a selection of vegan doughnuts. At the time of visit, there are about 10 vegan ones. The doughnut has a nice soft bread texture. The frosting is not overly sweet and slightly tangy. It would be even better if the frosting is thicker. There are about 20 seats inside and some benches outside.

Right besides it is The Little Bakery Tokyo. It has some vegan options including cinnamon roll and some other bread. The cinnamon roll is nice. It’s pretty dense which some may prefer. The cinnamon filling is a bit thin and the flavour is on the mild side. There are no seats inside the shop, but some benches outside.

Vegan options | Address and Hours: Good Town Doughnuts, The Little Bakery Tokyo
Good Town Doughnuts: Website | Instagram
The Little Bakery Tokyo: Instagram

Some clearly marked vegan options at The Little Bakery Tokyo

T’s Restaurant

Hojicha parfait (seasonal menu)

T’s is a vegan chain in Japan with their T’s Tantan ramen restaurant in Tokyo station being the most famous one. But this flagship restaurant in Jiyugaoka (about 10-15 minutes from Shibuya) has a bigger selection of vegan comfort food including ice cream parfait.

Other than the delicious parfaits, you can also find creme brulee, cakes, tarts, etc. If you want to try all the desserts, they also have an assorted dessert plate.

When you are here, make sure to try their tantan noodles or doria (a baked rice with creamy white sauce)!

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Blueberry tart (seasonal menu)

Sasaya Cafe

Mini rhubarb parfait

Sasaya Cafe is a vegan cafe located near Tokyo Skytree. You can find quite a few vegan desserts here like soft serve ice cream sundae, cakes, and even a vegan cookie ice cream sandwich. The selection may change from time to time.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram

Shiro Cafe

Chocolate and cacao crumble parfait

You wouldn’t think a cosmetic shop will have an all-vegan cafe. Even better, they have a very good selection of desserts.

Located in Jiyugaoka, Shiro Cafe is a modern cafe operated by a Japanese cosmetic brand. You can find ice cream sundae, pancakes, cakes and doughnuts here. The prices are a little bit higher than average, but it’s still very nice to find good quality vegan desserts.

Vegan | Address and Hours


Saido, although being a relatively new restaurant, already made a name for itself because of the high quality vegan food. Other than their creative items like eel rice and grilled chicken skewers, they also make a few desserts that taste as good as they look.

One of the more interesting desserts is the blueberry cheesecake shaped like a plant in a little pot. You even eat it with a little shovel. Other desserts include dorayaki, sorbet and more.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

By Love

Throat chakra smoothie bowl

By Love is a new vegan cafe near Roppongi. It’s a modern cafe with plants and crystals as decor. You can find a few smoothie bowls and smoothie here. They taste good but the price is quite high compared to other places in Tokyo.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram

Alfred Tea Room

This beautiful cafe in Omotesando has vegan options including soy tiramisu, cream fruit sandwich, cakes and drinks that can be made with plant milks. The vegan options are marked with a V on the menu. The items I’ve tried (strawberry tiramisu, fruit sandwich and hojicha almond milk boba tea) are all very nice, though the size is quite small.

Vegan option | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Trueberry is a vegan chain in Tokyo with an emphasis on healthy eating. It serves smoothie bowls and dessert-like thick smoothie parfaits, as well as other healthy items like salad and smoothies. The thick smoothie parfait tastes great with fresh ingredients. However, the price could be a bit high compared to some other places.

Vegan | Address and Hours: Omotesando, Naka Meguro
Website | Instagram | Facebook


CORI is a vegan restaurant located in a quiet alleyway near Komazawa-Daigaku Station. Other than their amazing burgers, they also make a few nice desserts. The waffle I tried comes with soy whip, fruits and fruity sauce. Simple but nicely made. The other dessert on the day of visit is a chocolate brownie with soy whip.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Paletas is a cafe in Roppongi Tokyo Midtown that has a few vegan soy popsicles – Soy matcha, soy strawberry and soy fruit mix. They also have soy latte available.

Vegan option | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation

Can you guess what what unexpected ingredient this parfait is made with?

This cafe in Ebisu has quite a lot of clearly marked vegan options, including burgers, rice bowls, noodles and of course desserts, though the price is on the higher side.

For this parfait, the unexpected ingredient is the green layer in the middle, which is edamame, a young green soybean widely used in Japanese cuisine. It's unexpected to see it in a dessert, but it is sweetened and chilled so it matches well with other ingredients, like soft serve and matcha ice cream.

Vegan option | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Kanesue sells Japanese mochi and other snacks. Only some items are vegan, like this strawberry mochi, which has a sweet strawberry and soft chewy mochi. These other ones are also vegan: Warabimochi, red bean rice mochi

Vegan option | Address and Hours

Nice Cream

Nice Cream is a vegan coconut milk ice cream brand that can be found near Tokyo station. It’s sold in Shin Ehime in the KITTE shopping mall (2nd floor).

The ice cream is coconut milk based and vegan. Flavor may change from time to time, so check their Instagram for the latest news.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram

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