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Vegan Gold Coast Guide | Best Restaurants & Cafes For Vegan Food

A guide to Gold Coast's best vegan cafes and restaurants including Izakaya Midori, Cardamom Pod, etc
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Gold Coast is blooming with new vegan restaurants popping up constantly as more people looking for a more sustainable, healthy and ethical lifestyle.

With all the options in Gold Coast, here are the ones that should be on your food bucket list:

Cardamom Pod

Cardamom Pod Brickworks offers delicious vegan food that are beautifully presented. One of the go-to's is their acai bowls, which is an explosion of colours and textures. Other options like blinged out benny and pancakes are also amazing choices. This branch in Southport Brickworks offers an all-vegan menu (with dairy option for coffee).

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(From top) Acai bowl, Flourish Buddha bowl, Probiotic dosa, Blinged out benny

Easy House Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegan, authentic and delicious, Easy House is a must-visit if you are craving some yum cha and Chinese comfort food.

They do yum cha at lunch time. The dishes I've tried like steamed bean curd roll and deep fried taro dumplings taste amazing. The flavours are true to what you will get in Hong Kong. They also do other classic dishes during dinner time.

The staff in this family-owned restaurant is very friendly and helpful.

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Izakaya Midori

Chicken avo nigiri

One of the best restaurants on the Gold Coast. Despite its location, Izakaya Midori is well worth your trip. The food here is impeccable both in taste and presentation. The menu is filled with Japanese classics like sushi, ramen, katsu rice bowl, etc. Authentic Japanese cuisine with a vegan twist. Staff is also very friendly and hospitable.

Katsu donburi

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Kuan Yin Tea House

Sweet and sour pork

Kuan Yin Tea House is a Taiwanese restaurant serving some delicious comfort food. It's one of my favourite vegan restaurants in Southport.

The food I've tried are well-portioned and tasty, delivering the unique flavours of Taiwanese cuisine. Dishes like sweet & sour pork and bacon roll are particularly memorable.

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Greenhouse Canteen & Bar

The Korean rice cake is one of the best dishes here

(Greenhouse Canteen is permanently closed since Sep 2023)

Greenhouse Canteen + Bar is a vegan restaurant in Miami. Decorated with wooden accents and greenery, it's obvious that it's a modern vegan eatery once you walked in.

The menu features familiar dishes with a twist, for example, the mushroom cheeseburger creatively uses tempura mushroom as the burger buns, or gnocchi topped with rice paper bacon. The dishes are flavourful, but some may find them a bit oily. Click here to see the menu.

If you are a fan of taco, definitely check them out on Tuesday for their $5 taco deal.

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Lord Of The Fries

Mac & cheese balls

Located in the heart of Surfer's Paradise, Lord of the Fries serves up some plant-based fast food that will surely satisfy your cravings.

You will find classic burgers, hot dogs, fries and more here. The food is generally ok, but there could be times where the quality is not perfect. Sometimes the wait time is long and the staff is not the most friendly.

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Tian Ran Vegetarian Restaurant

Teriyaki chicken, Crispy vegan fish and salt and pepper fried tofu

Tian Ran is one of the OG vegan restaurants in Gold Coast. Serving classic Asian dishes like stir-fry, hot pot, noodle soup, etc, you will hardly run out of things to try here. Food is well-priced with good portions. From my visit, the teriyaki chicken is the stand out dish, while the other dishes are nice but not too memorable.

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Crispy teriyaki chicken is great

Milkman's Daughter

Lemon ricotta pancake

Milkman's Daughter is an upscale, hip vegetarian cafe in the Mermaid Beach area. Most of the items are vegan and clearly marked. Dishes like the lemon ricotta pancakes are both beautiful and delicious. Remember to change to vegan ricotta! Prices could be a bit high but the good quality food and beautiful environment make up for it.

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Siam Purity

Vegan honey crispy soy is my favourite here

Siam Purity is a vegan Thai restaurant in the Pacific Fair shopping centre. You will find traditional dishes here like pad Thai, tom yum soup, curry rice and more. The menu is pretty extensive.

The quality of food is quite good. And the prices are reasonable as well for the portion.

Another thing about Siam Purity is that they use a robot to deliver your food!

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Green curry fried rice is also delicious

Doko Demo V

Doko Demo V is a vegan restaurant (before it has options to add dairy cheese) in the Miami area. They make some international dishes here, including some unique dishes like the pot plant dessert, and the "Taipei 101 burger", which is a burger tower with 2 burgers stacked on top of each other. Food is tasty with good prices. Staff is also warm and friendly.

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Blendlove is a vegan cafe in Southport that serves some classic cafe food. Keep in mind that they have dairy option for coffee.

Burgers, acai bowls and pancakes are some of the dishes you can find here. They aim to make all their food free of refined sugar and highly processed ingredients.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
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I Like Ramen

(I Like Ramen changed from vegan to serving meat in July 2023)

I Like Ramen is a hip ramen restaurant in the Mermaid Beach area and it's all vegan. Find ramen, donburi, baos and other Japanese inspired dishes here. Food is good in general, but some find the ramen broth to be too salty and not very authentic. Connected to the restaurant in an upstair surf shop.

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