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Vegan Adelaide Guide | Best Restaurants & Cafes For Vegan Food

Find out the best cafes & restaurants to find delicious vegan food in Adelaide
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Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is a growing hub for some great plant-based eateries if you are there for a short trip. Although I had some underwhelming dishes during my Adelaide trip, there were also some delicious hidden gems for you to check out.

In this foodie guide, I’ve gathered the best places to eat in this beautiful city:

Staazi & Co.

Staazi & Co. is a small eatery specialising in vegan Greek food. I tried the ‘combination’ yiros, which features vegan chicken and lamb. It’s delicious with strong flavours and soft fluffy pita bread. The outdoor seating facing a quiet alleyway is also perfect for a relaxed meal.

Vegan | Address and Hours


If you're looking for vegan bubble tea, Nuttea is the place to be. They make their vegan milk and cream from five different types of nuts: almond, cashew, macadamia, walnut, and hazelnut. I visited there 4 times during my visit and love every drink that I got. I’d recommend trying any drinks with the nut cream topping.

Vegan | Address and Hours

Clara Cakes

The best thing I’ve had this trip in Adelaide. I got this Clara Cakes croissant from Metta Sol. Perfect flaky texture, crispy on the ends and airy in the middle. The filling is also generous. I chose the matcha almond flavour which is sweet with a subtle bitterness from matcha. Must try in Adelaide.


Metta Sol

Metta Sol is a modern Vietnamese restaurant with an all vegan menu. I tried the turmeric crepe which has tofu, cauliflower and bean sprouts as the filling, with a big side salad and tangy, slightly spicy sauce.

The crepe is thick and the fillings are rich and flavourful. Even though the price is on the higher side, I’d still recommend checking this place out.

Vegan | Address and Hours


Zenhouse is a Chinese restaurant that serves some classic dishes and yum cha. However, the food is a bit disappointing. The tofu clay pot that I tried was quite bland, and the Zenhouse fried rice could do with more toppings. On the plus side, the shop has a wide selection of tea and the location is convenient for those staying in the city.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Cherry Darling

For delicious bakery items, you can’t go wrong with Cherry Darling. It’s an all vegan bakery with retro style decor. I tried the snackers doughnut (peanut, chocolate and caramel flavour) and it’s delicious with a soft, bread-y texture.

Vegan | Address and Hours

Two-Bit Villains

Located upstairs from the Adelaide Arcade on Rundle Mall, Two-bit Villains is a vegetarian restaurant, but all the items can be veganised. I liked the Arkan-sauce fried chicken burger that I got. The fried chicken is crispy with an interesting texture, but it would be even better if the cheese was melted and the burger had more sauce.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Thea Tea Shop

This Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant is worth a visit. Separated into two levels, upstairs is the restaurant area while downstairs is a shop carrying many vegan Asian products.

I tried the sweet and sour "thing" with rice (it’s the actual name of the dish!). The ‘thing’ is a crispy meat made with beancurd and seaweed. I really enjoy the meat and the sauce. However, the veggies that come with the dish are cold and under-seasoned.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Seed and Stone

Seed and Stone is a beautiful salad shop where all the food items are vegan at the time of visit, but they have dairy milk as an option for coffee. The potato salad and pesto pasta salad I tried are both great.

Vegan | Address and Hours

Let Them Eat

Let Them Eat is a vegetarian cafe chain with good vegan options. I visited the one in Adelaide Central Market, and had a delicious iced oat chocolate.

Vegetarian | Multiple Locations

Cocina Comida

Cocina Comida is an all vegan Mexican eatery that’s friendly with a great vibe. The vegan beef nacho I tried is ok, but the vegan cheese sauce is not very cheesy or flavourful. Also, for the relatively high price, guac or sour cream would be a welcomed addition.

Vegan | Address and Hours

48 Flavours

48 Flavours is a great gelato shop with clearly marked vegan options. There were about 17 vegan flavours at the time of visit. I tried the Black Magic (charcoal, cocoa) and Blueberry Crumble. Both flavours are rich with amazing texture.

Vegetarian | Multiple Locations

Dear Daisy

While Dear Daisy serves meat, they also have some decent vegan options worth trying. The restaurant has a beautiful space and a friendly staff. I tried the "Vegan Biggie" breakfast, and the pumpkin falafel ciabatta; Both dishes are well made and tasty.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

Raw&More Nourishing Cafe

If you're in Semaphore, check out Raw&More, a cute juice and salad cafe. The orange, apple, and watermelon juice is fresh and tasty.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Cafe Troppo

While Cafe Troppo has a beautiful rustic atmosphere, my meal there was quite disappointing. I ordered the Flower Power, a vegan breakfast dish with ingredients like marinated mushrooms, pesto, avo on sourdough toast  Although the portion size was good, the whole dish was very oily, making it hard to enjoy. They even drizzle extra oil on the plate and on top of all the ingredients.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

Summertown Studio

Although Summertown Studio is not a vegan cafe, it's a lovely place to hang out and enjoy a good cup of coffee. This event space offers a coffee shop and a shop selling products made by local and Australian-wide artisans. During my visit, I tried their iced oat latte, which was delicious and refreshing. The relaxing, funky atmosphere makes it an excellent place to relax.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

Honourable Mentions (That I didn’t Get The Time To Go)


Sarah Sisters

Joy of Flora

Smiley Vegan

Allegra Dining Room

Veggie Vie


Lord of the Fries

Gopal’s Kitchen

Bomdia Bowls

Veggo Sizzle

No items found.
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