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Finding Vegan Food In West End Market (aka Davies Park Market)

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This community market is held every Saturday at Davies Park in West End, Brisbane.

It's a sizeable market with a good selection of shops including, food & drinks, fresh produce, fashion, arts & crafts, and more. Although it's not a vegan market, there are still some decent choices for vegans and vegans-alike.

My favourite things to get here is the fresh produce. There's an abundance of good quality fruits and veggies that you can stock up every week. And you will find them in general cheaper than supermarkets.

Refresh yourself with a cup of kombucha on tap:

Or grab a vegan doughnut when you are walking along the market:

Many food stalls have clearly marked vegan options like this one selling Lángos - a Hungarian fried bread.

Good vibes with live musicians along the market:


Montague Rd &, Jane St, West End QLD 4101

Market Size

About 150 shops, including food, drinks, clothing and more.

Hours & Date

Every Saturday 6am-2pm




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