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50+ Vegan Options in West End and Southbank, South Brisbane

Never run out of vegan options again in South Brisbane and West End with this definitive guide
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Vegan Options In Southbank

Ma Pa Me

Ma Pa Me is a southeast Asian restaurant with a vegan menu. During my 3 visits, the food has been consistently delicious. Stand out dishes include the tempura eggplant (crispy with a rich sauce) and gado gado (love the strong peanut flavour).

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Zeus Street Greek

A restaurant chain specialising in Greek wraps. They recently released a vegan range with 100% Not chicken and lamb. The Pythagoras vegan chicken wrap is a great choice. I also love the tzimmy, but keep in mind you need to change the meat to a plant based one, and swap out the tzatziki for vegan mustard mayo.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Pythagoras vegan chicken wrap


Grill'd offers a few vegan burgers using Fable mushroom patty and Impossible Meat.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours


A health food bar with many vegan options. The Ferrero acai bowl is a healthy tasty choice.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Doughnut Time

A doughnut shop with a few vegan options. The doughnuts have a bread-y texture and are very filling. Red velvet doughnut with cookie frosting "Liam Hemsworthy" is recommended.

VegetarianAddress & Hours

Orita Ora vegan doughnut

P'Nut Street Noodles

P'Nut Street Noodles is a restaurant chain specialised in South-east Asian cuisine. They have clearly marked vegan dishes like Singapore noodles, satay sauce with rice, spring rolls and dumplings. The dishes I've tried are flavourful and tasty.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Spicy Singapore noodles with Fable meat

San Churro

A dessert shop with vegan churro, ice cream, thick shake and more. Food generally tastes good but this Southbank branch is sometimes not consistent in the food quality.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Guzman y Gomez

A Mexican chain with dishes that can be made vegan. Sauteed vegetable and shredded mushroom are the two vegan filling. To make it vegan, substitute cheese with vegan chimi mayo for free.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Fable shredded mushroom tacos

Happy Pops

Cool down with a gelato pop at Happy Pops. They have some vegan options including hazelnut & chocolate and mango & coconut yoghurt.

VegetarianAddress & Hours

Pistachio vegan pop


This coffee shop is located next to The Wheel Of Brisbane. Get a coffee or vegan shake here and enjoy the beautiful view. They also have some vegan food options like vegan doughnuts.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

They usually carry one vegan doughnut flavour

Suki Poke

A poke bowl shop on Grey Street with some vegan options. Either go with the vegan Tinie Tempeh bowl or build your own with vegan ingredients.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Tippler’s Tap

This craft beer bar has clearly-marked vegan options. You can find dishes like vegan chicken burger, crumbed mushroom here. At the time of writing, they do $3 tacos on Taco Tuesday.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Vegan tacos


A dessert bar with a vegan menu. The desserts are not the most exciting for me as they are mostly fruit- with dark chocolate-based.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Harajuku Gyoza

Not many vegan options here but you can get the vegetable gyoza here if you are really craving it.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Vegan Options In South Brisbane


(Grassfed is permanently closed in Sep 2023)

Grassfed is an all-vegan restaurant on Fish Lane, South Brisbane. You will find epic vegan burgers and loaded fries here like this BFC burger with double cheese, patty, bacon and more. It will satisfy all your burger cravings.

Vegan | Address and Hours

BFC burger from Grassfed


A Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant with many vegan items. Reasonable prices with generous portions. Two dishes here that I love are rice with bean sauce and beancurd wallet & veggies.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Rice with bean sauce

Okuman Karaage & Ramen Bar

Although not a veg restaurant, this Japanese place has a relatively big vegan menu. Vegan bento boxes, tempura and ramen are great classic options.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

(From top) tempura platter, vegetable croquette curry rice, teriyaki tofu and yakisoba

Taro’s Ramen

The vegan menu include vegan ramen, gyoza and curry rice. The ramen is delicious with a deep-flavoured broth.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

Vegan classic ramen

Cups on Melbourne

A cafe on Melbourne Street carrying vegan desserts from French Tarts, including almond croissants and melting moments. Nice service and tasty coffee as well.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

El Planta

A vegan Mexican restaurant with a seasonal menu. The value is not the best, and the tacos are rather small for the price.

VeganAddress & Hours

Gelato Messina

An ice cream shop with good vegan options. All their sorbets are vegan, including the delicious pandan+coconut milk and salted coconut+mango salsa. The cone is vegan as well.

VegetarianAddress & Hours

Miss Claudes Crepes

A crepe shop located in South Brisbane and Newmarket with a vegan menu. The sweet options here is better as they come with a coconut ice cream with no extra cost. The savoury options, however, is a bit less attractive with vegan cheese add-on being $4 extra.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Vegan strawberry jam crepe

Newport’s Cafe

Some vegan options like corn fritter stack and avo toast. Friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Corn fritter stack

Punjabi Palace

An Indian restaurant with vegan options. Vegetarian options that are marked dairy free (DF) are vegan.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

The Fox Hotel

Some vegan options available including vegetarian pizza with a vegan cheese add-on.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours


Coffee chain with vegan drinks with vegan whipped cream. You can also find some vegan sandwiches, wraps and some desserts here.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Coffee Head

Try their hot chocolate or mocha with 70% chocolate with oat milk. Very rich and delicious. They also have some vegan cakes and toasties available.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Ramen Danbo

A ramen shop with one veganisable option - vegetarian miso ramen - if you get rid of the butter. I would recommend going to Taro's Ramen or Okuman Karaage and Ramen Bar instead.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Vegan Options In West End

Nonna’s Nightmare

A plant-based vegan Italian restaurant. The pizza base and burger buns are freshly made in house. Try the magic mushroom pizza and tiramisu is you are here the first time.

Vegan | Address and Hours

Mushroom pizza, lasagna and arancini

You Came Again

A vegan tapas style restaurant with a backyard garden. Food is decent but with some misses.

VeganAddress & Hours

The Vegan Mary

The Vegan Mary has become my new go-to for a tasty burger in the West End area. My top pick is the No Cluck'n Around burger, which uses crispy fried oyster mushrooms alongside other classic burger fillings. For snacks and bites, I particularly enjoy the buffalo cauliflower wings which has a deliciously tangy and spicy sauce.

It's a good idea to check The Bearded Lady's page before heading over, as they often host live bands which might require a ticket for entry.

Vegan | Address and Hours

Vegan Restaurant West End

A vegan restaurant serving a wide variety of Asian dishes like honey chicken and salty fish fried rice.

Vegan | Address and Hours


Kürtősh is a traditional Hungarian pastry. It's freshly made with a crunchy caramelised crust and soft bread-y inside. All flavours except the nutella one is vegan, but none of the cabinet desserts are vegan at the time of visit.

Vegan-optionsAddress & Hours

Pistachio & almond kurtosh

Moofree Burgers

Moofree Burgers is a vegan burger chain with a branch on Montague road. You can find vegan burgers here as well as treats from its sister shop, Charlie’s Raw Squeeze. They carry a good selection of burgers, desserts, ice creams, juice, etc.

VeganAddress & Hours

Anita Gelato

A high end gelato place with several vegan flavours. The sorbet flavours are vegan and there are sometimes milk-based flavours made with non-dairy milk, including the dark chocolate gelato.

VegetarianAddress & Hours


Upstairs Indian eatery with many vegan options. Try their feast for a bit of everything, including their curry and koftas. Great value and overall friendly service.

VegetarianAddress & Hours


An acai bar with build-your-own bowls and smoothies. Prices are a bit higher but delicious acai bowls. Go for the combination of peanut butter, strawberry and granola if it's your first time here.

VegetarianAddress & Hours

Mr Hong Modern Asian Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant with an extensive vegan menu. Some great options include rice paper roll and sweet and sour chicken.

Vegan-options | Address and Hours

Rice paper rolls


Restaurant in West End specialising in wraps. The satay tofu wrap and falafel wrap are great. Keep in mind that you would need to specify vegan when ordering and the vegan wrap is $1 extra.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

Falafel and satay tofu wraps


This cafe on Melbourne Street has good vegan options, including zucchini fritters, nachos, and milkshakes made with vegan ice cream.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

The Burrow

Cafe with laid-back vibes serving some good vegan comfort food including pizza, burgers and more.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Fat Carrot

Great vegan options from this Vietnamese eatery. Try their vegan pulled pork bahn mi and the tofu rice paper roll if you haven't already.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Insane Acai Bar

An acai bowl bar with mostly vegan options. They also have vegan desserts and treats in the fridge cabinet.

VegetarianAddress & Hours

Veganism Pizzeria/Slice Pizza

Despite the name Veganism Pizzeria, it's a pizza shop that also sells meat. Vegan menu available with good options.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Cheeky Poke

This poke bowl shop has 2 vegan option for poke bowl - tofu and mushroom. I've tried both of them and they are tasty. You can also find vegan-option tacos. Two of the main protein options are vegan - tofu with miso tahini, and mushroom with beetroot hummus. Make sure to ask them to omit mayo to make it vegan.

Keep in mind that this place also serve meat and seafood. And the smell of seafood inside the restaurant could be quite strong.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours


(Grown has changed from vegan to serving meat in Apr 2023)

A modern vegan cafe that focuses on sustainability and seasonal produce. Delicious food, friendly service and relaxing vibes. The brioche French toast and hash brown stack are great options.

Vegan | Address and Hours


Mu'ooz is a not-for-profit social enterprise and restaurant located in West End. It provides a great way to try some authentic Eritrean cuisine, including enjera, stews and curries. The vegan options are clearly marked. Food is tasty, but some may find the texture lacking a bit with many options being stews.

Vegan-option | Address and Hours

Pie Town

(Pie Town is permanently closed in July 2023)

This pie shop has a few good vegan options - including a meatless mince pie made with eggplant, tofu, mushroom and walnuts, and a Ratatouille hand pie with veggies and vegan cheese inside.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Eat Mii Vietnamese

Vietnamese restaurants with options like vegan pho and fried tofu bahn mi.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

The Indian Kitchen

Affordable Indian place with vegan options like samosa and curry.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Catchment Brewing

A restaurant and bar on Boundary Street with clearly marked vegan options including pizza with vegan cheese option and plant based cheeseburger.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Chop Chop Chang’s

Asian restaurant on Boundary Street with a vegan banquet available.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Donini Pizza

A local pizza shop with a vegan range that uses vegan cheese. Value may not be the best and the pizzas can be quite small.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza has a vegan menu including vegan cheese pizza and cheesy garlic bread. In general it's pretty good and nostalgic. I like the beef & onion pizza the best.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Gala Thai

Thai restaurant on Boundary Street offering some classic Thai dishes like laksa and som tum. Vegan options are clearly marked on the menu.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

Getta Burger

Burger chain with two vegan burgers - vegan cheese burger and crispy vegan burger.

Vegan-OptionsAddress & Hours

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