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Vegan Fukuoka Guide | Best Restaurants & Cafes For Vegan Food

Your vegan foodie guide of the must-go restaurants in Fukuoka, Japan
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Healthy eating is gaining momentum in Japan. And that translates to more vegan-friendly food. 

Fukuoka has a decent selection of vegan food. Although the variety and choices are not as amazing as other Japanese cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, it isn't too difficult to hunt down a proper vegan meal.

Stay until the end for a map with all the places mentioned that you can save.

Here are my favourite places I've tried in Fukuoka:

Fukuoka Travel Information For Vegans

Best Time To Visit Fukuoka

I'd recommend visiting Fukuoka during the cherry blossom season (late March to early April). The Autumn months are also comfortable in Fukuoka. But avoid the busy Japan Golden Week which is April 29 to May 5 every year.

Where To Stay In Fukuoka For The Best Food

I'd recommend staying either at Hakata or Tenjin, two of the most popular districts with well-connected public transportation. Hakata has the added benefit of connected to the Shinkansen lines.

Recommended Tours & Activities

To make your trip to Fukuoka even more memorable, these are some of the activities I'd recommend:

Internet & Data

Using an eSim for internet access is probably the most convenient way. I recommend this eSim brand where you just need to download an app and install the eSim to get internet overseas.

Evah Dining

Evah Dining is a famous vegan chain in Fukuoka. They sell vegan bento, onigiri, and more in a few places throughout the city.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Here are their 4 branches in Fukuoka:

Evah Dining Botanical Garden

This place in Hakata Riverain shopping center (博多リバレインモール) is Each Dining’s main restaurant. You can get here by going to the Nakasukawabata Station.

For lunch set, it comes with a main dish (I chose the ‘oyster’ which is made with tofu, mushroom, etc), side dishes, salad, miso soup and rice. All the dishes are well made. Healthy and delicious.

This katsu cutlet sandwich uses a Japanese wheat gluten roll called fu. It has a soft chewy texture, but it’s deep fried like a cutlet. With the teriyaki sauce and cabbage, it is a filling and tasty option apart from the lunch set.

They also serve desserts like muffins or some seasonal items. The muffin is pretty healthy but it’s not dry. And the dessert cup has soy cream, sweet red bean, rice mochi, banana slices, jelly, and topped with matcha syrup.



If you come in closer to their closing time, they may have discounts on their takeaway bento boxes. During one of the visits, the bento boxes were discounted by 50%.

3-1 Shimokawabatamachi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, 812-0027, Japan

10:30am - 7:30pm (L.O. 7pm)

Evah Dining Ippin Hakata Station

In Hakata Station, find the street that has many food stalls called いっぴん通り. They sell Evah’s vegan bento boxes and onigiri. They are all delicious and affordable. 

Like this bento, it has 6 different dishes and 3 types of rice. The dishes are varied and well-cooked. A deep fried ‘oyster’, cream pasta, tofu patty, etc. 

Their onigiri is also great, like this mayo fried soy meat one.

I would also recommend buying some bento from this shop before heading to the airport as the vegan option there is very limited. It also shouldn’t be too difficult as the airport is only 2 metro stations away from Hakata Station.

Japan, 〒812-0012 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Hakataekichuogai, 1−1 博多デイトス いっぴん通り

7am - 9pm

Evah Dining Solaria Stage

This Evah store is inside Reganet supermarket on the B1 level of the Solaria Stage shopping center. Take the metro to Tenjin station and follow the signs.

Like other stores, they sell vegan bentos and onigiri. They also have a grocery section selling fresh produce and some other products.

Most of the cream buns are not vegan

However, at the time of visit, they have some cream-filled buns that are not vegan. Only 2 flavours are vegan as far as I can tell. One of which is this soybean flour flavour. Please check carefully.

Soybean flour soy cream bun
These two are vegan: plain and soybean flour

Japan, 〒810-0001 Fukuoka, Chūō-ku, Tenjin, 2-chōme−11−3 B1F

10am - 8:30pm

Evah Dining Iwataya

This other Evah store is on the B2 level of the Iwataya department store. The place is in the Tenjin area. It's a small stall with bento and some other items. There are some seats in the common area just next to the shop if you want to eat the bento.

Japan, 〒810-8680 Fukuoka, Chūō-ku, Tenjin, 2-chōme−5−35 岩田屋本店B2

10am - 8pm

Rota Cafe

Located just next to the busy Tenjin area, Rota cafe is a great vegan restaurant to sit down to have a meal.

On the first floor is the cashier, takeout counter, and a shop area selling veggies and other groceries. The second floor is the main dining area. If you are dining in, the staff will take you to the second floor and you can order after you sit down. And you bring your receipt back to the cashier to pay.

This special burger tastes quite good. The burger includes a generous variety of veggies, and a patty made with tofu, veggies and millet. The vegan cheese is added for an extra 200 yen, which I would recommend. The burger set also comes with chips and salad. 

The vegan fish besides the burger is good with its teriyaki sauce and mayo combination. The fish is deep fried to crispy. It would be even better if the texture is less mushy.

Rota cafe is one of the few places in Fukuoka where you can find vegan ice cream. This parfait is pretty great, though a bit overpriced. Other than the ice cream, it has a slice of chocolate cake on top. Don't miss it if you are craving some vegan sweets.

Overall Rota Cafe serves good vegan food in a great atmosphere with friendly service. Recommended when you visit Fukuoka.

Japan, 〒810-0041 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Daimyo, 1 Chome−12−2 Ky Daimyo 1F,2F

Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu: 11am - 6pm
Fri, Sat: 11am - 8pm
Closed on Wed


Lily Valley

Despite its relatively small vegan offering, Lily Valley impresses with high good quality food.

This veggie sandwich is delicious. The veggies include avo, eggplant, carrot and more, all of which are cooked perfectly. The focaccia bread is toasted. And the tahini sauce is rich and aromatic. It's messy to eat because of the big size, but the flavours are great.

The vegan parfait is also great. The grapes on top are cooked in red wine. And there is crunchy granola at the bottom.

As there is only one person (the owner) in the cafe that day, the service could be a bit slow. So allocate more time if you need to.

They also sell other vegan desserts and snacks like these cookies and toasts.

Please check their Facebook before going as they have irregular rest days each month.

Japan, 〒810-0042 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Akasaka, 1 Chome−8−25 プリーマ赤坂

Weekday: 10am - 7pm
Sat: 10am - 6pm
Closed on Sunday
Lunch Time: 11:30am - 2pm


Hakata Hiiragi Taiyaki

Vegan taiyaki? Yes please!

This shop next to Akasaka station sells vegan taiyaki. There is a sign in the shop saying 'no egg and milk are used for the taiyaki'. 

The outside is crispy and the inside is filled with soft sweet azuki red bean paste. Very delicious. 180 yen for one taiyaki.

2-chōme-4-38 Daimyō, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0041, Japan

10am - 7pm
Closed on Sunday


Chandan Cafe

(This review is done for the old location near Ohori Park. They have since moved to a new location near Fukisaki 藤崎 Station)

Chandan Cafe, although not a veg restaurant, serves some well made and clearly labeled vegan dishes. 

This vege green curry is colourful and flavourful. The curry is of a thinner consistency, but the flavour is good and the amount is generous. The charcoal rice is topped with a variety of roasted vegetables. This set also comes with a small salad which is also colourful.

Another item that I love is this black sesame, soybean powder smoothie. The base is banana and soy milk. This Japanese inspired smoothie is thick and aromatic (almost tastes like cookie!)

Japan, 〒814-0013 Fukuoka, Sawara-ku, Fujisaki, 1-chōme−1−5 セゾン藤崎 1F

11am - 6pm
Closed on Sunday


ReCell Kitchen

This health conscious cafe near Tenjin has clearly marked vegan items like curry, smoothies and desserts. Ask for an English menu if you need one.

This vegan curry has organic veggies in it. You can choose the type of rice and the portion. I opted for a big size and brown rice to go with it. The curry is flavourful without being too spicy.

They also sell a variety of vegan sweets and smoothies. This red smoothie is made with beetroot, apple, paprika, etc, while the cake is raw and made with moringa.

The setting is comfortable and staff is polite and helpful in ReCell Kitchen

Japan, 〒810-0021 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Imaizumi, 1 Chome−1−4 石松ビル1F

8am - 9pm


Bear Bear

This small dessert bakery is all vegan. The dessert cups they sell are super cute as you can see. 

On the day of visit, there are three main options for the dessert cups: chocolate banana, strawberry and a seasonal melon cup. They also sell some packaged baked goods.

There are no seats in the shop as it's quite small, but the area is not too busy. So it's not difficult to find a place to eat the desserts.

2-chōme-3-28 Akasaka, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0042, Japan

Mon, Thu, Fri: 1 - 8:30pm
Sat, Sun: 11:30am - 8:30pm
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday


Coco Ichibanya

There are a few Coco Ichibanya shops in Fukuoka that have a vegan curry menu.

Their curry is flavourful and affordable. Most of the options are around 800-900 yen, which is cheaper than some other vegan options.

Look for this sign for vegetarian menu

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

This pizza restaurant has a vegan pizza which is the Marinara. It has tomato sauce, herbs, garlic and one piece of basil. For 1400 yen, the size is pretty decent. 

The pizza tastes good, but for me, it is very oily. The thin crust is soft and soaked with oil. There are also quite a lot of burnt parts. Not my favourite.

1-chōme-4-18 Daimyō, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0041, Japan

Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 2pm, 5 - 10pm
Sat: 11:30am - 10pm
Sun & Holiday: 11:30am - 9pm


Extra notes/Places I don't recommend

Tori Yatai

Came here after seeing the listing on Happy Cow, but it's a heavy meat eating restaurant. I read their menu but couldn't seem to see any veg specific dishes.

Indian 106

No information on whether a particular dish is veg’n or whether it contains milk. The staff is aware of vegetarians and vegans. However, as there are no indications on the menu, even the staff doesn’t seem to be completely sure of which dishes are actually vegan.

No items found.
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