A Bit About
I Travel For Vegan Food

I Travel For Vegan Food is the guide to enjoyable travel for vegan foodies.

Being a vegan foodie myself, I understand the joy of eating good food. I have travelled to a few cities and this is the place where I document the must-try restaurants in each of the destination.

This blog comes with the information you need to make travel planning easy. Types of food, menu, prices, direction to get there, and more. The goal is to make vegan food travel as easy as possible!

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Wrong Or Outdated Information?

If any of the information is outdated, send over the link of the page, the outdated text and the updated information. I'll verify and correct the information as quickly as possible.

Suggesting A Restaurant

If you have a restaurant in mind that you have in mind that you would recommend, I'd love to know! Send over some general info with photos and I may feature it on I Travel For Vegan Food!

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