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Vegan Singapore Guide | Best Restaurants & Cafes For Vegan Food

Vegan restaurants in Singapore including Kind Kones, Vegan Burg, Loving Hut, Herbivore, and more
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Being named the second-most vegan friendly city in Asia after Taipei, Singapore is a small vibrant city with lots of vegan food. From a full Japanese katsu bento to ice cream on waffle, Singapore has a wide variety of vegan food to offer, if you don’t mind paying a little bit extra.

In this vegan Singapore guide, I’ll show you some of the best vegan food, restaurants, groceries, and more.

As most things are imported in Singapore (it’s a pretty small country), groceries and thus food in restaurants can be on the expensive side. But if you don’t mind spending more on a holiday, this guide will help you find the food you love.

Let's look at some of the best vegan food in Singapore:

Singapore Travel Information For Vegans

Best Time To Visit Singapore

Singapore is pretty hot and humid all-year round. May to September has relatively less rainy days on average, but overall you can travel to Singapore in any month.

Where To Stay In Singapore For The Best Food

Due to its relatively density of attractions and the number of vegan-friendly places, there are many areas that are good for vegans to stay in. My favourites are Bencoolen and Bugis because of the convenience of multiple subway lines.

Recommended Tours & Activities

To make your trip to Singapore even more memorable, these are some of the activities I'd recommend:

Internet & Data

Using an eSim for internet access is probably the most convenient way. I recommend this eSim brand where you just need to download an app and install the eSim to get internet overseas.

Kind Kones

Almond brittle fudge ice cream with two flavours of cookies

This is vegan ice cream heaven.

This all vegan ice cream shop, located in Orchard shopping area, serves some of the best ice cream I’ve had. Using milk like cashew milk and coconut milk, their ice cream is thick, creamy, and delicious.

Tiramisu ice cream with peanut sesame brittle and chocolate buckwheat granola toppings

You will have a hard time choosing the flavour as they have over 15+ flavours. Great that the friendly staff is happy to let you try some before deciding. I especially love the almond brittle fudge, D24 durian (if durian is your thing), and tiramisu.

You can also pair cookie, brownie, or simply a waffle cone with the ice cream. There are also toppings and sauces you can add for a bit extra.

Overall, this shop is a must-go in Singapore for their impressive ice cream. Make sure to visit the vegan friendly supermarket SuperNature right next door.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Vegan Curry Rice with Mother Earth (Closed)

Curry katsu cutlet rice

Unfortunately Vegan Curry Rice is closed down in 2020 Jan.

Vegan Curry Rice, despite the name, serves other delicious vegan comfort food as well. The food is very good and also reasonably priced.

I especially love the signature katsu curry rice and shitake mushroom potato boat. The omnipork nuggets and siew mai are pretty good as well.

One small complaint would be there are only plastic bottled drinks.

The restaurant is located in a quiet residential area near Clementi Station (take bus 154 south heading at Clementi Station).

Vegan | Address and Hours
Instagram | Facebook

Vegan Burg

Creamy mushroom burger with a crispy patty

Vegan Burg is the place to go if you want a good burger. As the name suggests, everything is vegan. The food, from burgers to sides, are well made and they are not too expensive.

My favourite is the creamy mushroom burger with its crispy patty and creamy mushroom sauce. The hawaiian teriyaki and char-grilled satay are also great. For sides, definitely try the mushroom pop, which is halved juicy mushroom with a crispy shell.

Mushroom pop and grilled broccoli

For burgers, you can also add on vegan egg, cheese, bacon, etc for SG$2 extra each.

Overall, Vegan Burg is a great place in Singapore to grab a satisfying burger meal.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Loving Hut

5-spice rolls (front) and banana leaf nasi campur (back)

Loving Hut in Singapore serves some traditional Asian dishes. Out of the dishes I ordered, I especially love the 5 spice roll which comes with a sweet dip that goes very well with the crispy snack. The banana leaf nasi campur is a traditional Indonesian dish with rice, meat, pickles, scrambled tofu egg, and more. The taste is good, but not as good as the presentation.

The decor is quite modern with big windows to allow natural light in. The service is also good in general.

A few things to note is that, even though the last order time is supposed to be 9pm, it was called at 8:30 instead. And the closest MRT station (Eunos station) is not very close to the restaurant. About a 20 minute walk. So it may be better to take the bus (bus 16 or 33).

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Vegan Food in Fortune Centre

Fortune Centre near Bencoolen station is full of vegan food. Here are the 2 restaurants that I like the most:


Delicious vegan eel sushi

Vegan sushi and bento in Singapore? Yes please!

This vegetarian Japanese restaurant is a gem if you love Japanese food. The menu is extensive with many vegan options: Sushi, bento, ramen, katsu curry, etc. Vegan options are marked as ‘non-dairy’ and some dairy options can be made vegan. No eggs are used in the food.

Teriyaki grilled chicken bento with fried dumplings and other dishes

The food is well made and delicious. My favourite being the grilled teriyaki chicken bento and eel unagi maki roll sushi (ask for vegan mayo on top). The bento is great for trying a bit of everything. Crispy chicken patty, fried dumplings, eggplant, salad, miso soup, rice and jelly. And the sushi features a realistic vegan eel and a delicious sweet teriyaki sauce.

The modern Japanese decor and helpful staff are also a plus.

Overall quite impressed with the quality of the food in this restaurant. Although it is quite pricey, it’s worth it for the high quality food.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Tracy Juice Culture

Tracy Special Udon is a popular dish here

Also on the ground floor of Fortune Centre is this juice shop. It’s all vegan except honey in some drinks, for example the avocado smoothie. So check before you order.

I ordered a Tracy Special Udon and a passion fruit smoothie. The soup is hearty and filled with chunks of mushroom and some mock meat. The smoothie is good as well, but unfortunately it uses plastic cup and straw.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Matcha ice cream on waffle

Smoocht vegan ice cream shop is probably one of my favourites in the Singapore trip. Although it’s a little bit out of the city, the amazing desserts are definitely worth the trip.

They have 12 flavours of ice cream at the time of visit, which you can have with a cone, brownie, waffle, or you can buy a tub to take out. They also serve ice cream milkshake, coffee and even vegan pizzas.

Chocolate ice cream milkshake. Unfortunately they use a plastic straw

This matcha ice cream on waffle is amazing. The ice cream is smooth and flavourful. And the waffle has a crunchy outside and mochi-like soft inside. Topped with almond and chocolate sauce, it is the dessert that you will want to go back for more.

The ice cream milkshake is thick, milky, creamy, and everything you want in a good shake. You choose your own flavour of ice cream, which then is blended with Bonsoy soy milk. I couldn’t help but for two of these even though I just had the waffle!

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Boneless Kitchen

Vegan bibimbap

Vegan Korean food is hard to find, but Boneless Kitchen turns all Korean classics into vegan and vegetarian versions. Some vegetarian dishes can be customised to vegan. So check carefully before ordering.

Overall the food is good with some dishes better than others. Bibimbap (order one without egg for the vegan version) is a staple in Korean cuisine, and the vegan version in this restaurant is pretty good. Go for the soy sauce version if you can’t eat too spicy, or stick with the spicy sauce if you feel adventurous. As the stone bowl is super hot, you need to mix the rice and veggies right away or they may get burned.

However, the doenjang jjigae with rice was not as successful. It’s a veggie soup with rice on the side. The soup, which is the main part of the dish, was not very flavourful. And only has a handful of chopped veggies inside.

The side dishes are all good with the sesame seaweed stem being the standout.

Boneless Kitchen seems to be quite popular with locals. It was full even before 6:30 on Saturday.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Bento box with stir fried gungpao mushroom, braised QQ tofu and nyonya curry potato with tofu puff

Greendot is a vegetarian chain in Singapore serving healthy fusion style meals. On the menu, the vegan options are clearly marked with a V.

You can find bento (with your choice of different dishes), noodles, hot pot, burgers and more. I tried the bento, which is very customisable. For dishes, you can find some Asian style choices, like the stir fried gungpao mushroom and the Nyonya curry potato that I chose. And for rice, you have the choice among white brown or sesame oil rice.

The taste is pretty good overall. As it’s a health-conscious eatery, the food won’t be very salty.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

nomVnom Bistro

Mushroom truffle burger

nomVnom is a vegan fast food chain in Singapore. It mainly serves burgers, but also have other dishes like pizza, pasta, desserts and drinks.

The food in general is good, with the mushroom truffle burger (crispy patty with creamy sauce) and durian ice cream (strong durian taste if you are a fan) being two of my picks. However, some items like bonsai burger and macaron are quite disappointing in terms of taste and execution.

The Clarke Quay chain (nomVnom Bistro) has beautiful view and decor, overlooking the Singapore River. So if you are going, that location would be a good choice.

Vegan | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Double Durian (closed)

Indonesian veg fish rice sambal pepes with fish pieces made with tofu skin and a sour spicy sauce.

Double Durian is unfortunately closed on 2019 Dec.

In the food court (same level as Sentosa Express) in Vivocity Mall is this vegetarian eatery. Other than its specialty durian desserts, it also has other Indonesian and Western dishes. The prices are reasonable as well. A good choice after you came back from Universal Studio Singapore.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Small but delicious beyond burger with vegan Swiss cheese

This higher end restaurant chain in Singapore offers clearly marked vegan option. For a restaurant that also serves meat, the vegan options they offer are quite decent, including the Swiss cheese beyond burger and the coconut ice cream chocolate affogato. The price is a bit high compared to other restaurants in Singapore.

This location at JEWEL, Changi Airport has a great view. Go upstairs to overlook the world's tallest indoor waterfall. It’s especially pretty at night when it changes color.

Vegan Options | Address and Hours

An Acai Affair

Small Triple A cup with cookie butter drizzle

Craving for an acai bowl? This shop will get you covered. With a few locations across Singapore, An Acai Affair serves tasty healthy acai bowls.

The bowls are mostly vegan friendly, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The granola which is found in all bowls has honey. So ask the staff to not add it. For the drizzle, all are vegan except the honey drizzle. And the Greek Physique which has yogurt.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Absolute Acai

The signature bowl has acai, strawberry, coconut flakes, chia seeds, cacao nibs, goji berry and more.

Another acai bowl specialty shop. No dairy is used for their acai bowls. The only non-vegan item is the Brazilian bowl with honey as a topping. The bowl tastes good with lots of toppings. A good mix of crunchy ingredients and soft fruity ones.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook


SaladStop! is a salad bowl shop with many locations in Singapore. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a healthy vegan meal in Singapore. Although it serves meat, the vegan options are clearly marked.

I got a Beyond Me bowl which comes with beyond meat pieces, red pepper hummus, and different beans and veggies. It’s filling, healthy and delicious.

Vegan Options | Address and Hours
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Real Food

Real Food is a vegetarian chain in Singapore. The decor is modern and seatings are comfortable. The vegan options are marked clearly.

Overall the food is ok to good, but with some disappointing aspects. The portions can be a bit small for the price. And also, it’s weird to see a healthy vegetarian restaurant charges money for water.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Coco Ichibanya

This curry chain from Japan has vegan options. The curry sauce, unlike in Japan, doesn’t contain animal ingredients. So the veggie curry dishes are vegan. Ask the staff to clarify if you are not sure.

Vegan Options | Address and Hours

Truly Vegetarian

This vegetarian food stall near Bugis Station serves some local dishes. And the prices are reasonable as well.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Toss and Turn Salad and Soup Bar

This salad bowl shop has vegan options as well.

Vegan Options | Address and Hours

Hans im Glück

This German restaurant chain has vegan burgers. The decor and environment is classy and modern.

Vegan Options | Address and Hours

Saravana Bhavan

This worldwide vegetarian chain serves Indian dishes. The location is in Vivocity food court.

Vegetarian | Address and Hours

Vegan Friendly Grocery Shop and Supermarket



A health groceries store that carries a lot of vegan products but also sells meat. You can find quite a wide selection of vegan groceries here, like cheese, ice cream, frozen ready meals, etc.

Prices are quite expensive, which is a common theme for Singapore groceries, especially for imported specialty food like vegan food. But if you don’t mind spending a bit more than usual, SuperNature will have most of what you need.

Address and Hours

Marketplace/Cold Storage/Jasons

These three supermarkets are by the same company. They import quite a lot of foreign vegan friendly brands. You can find ice cream, cheese, meat, milk, yogurt, and other vegan items here. However, similar to SuperNature, the food in general is quite expensive.

No items found.
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