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Vegan Food in Taipei Shilin Night Market

Your vegan guide to find food in one of the most famous night markets in Taipei
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Shilin night market is one of the most famous and popular night markets in Taipei. You may wonder whether there will be any options for vegans.

From grilled mushrooms to sesame filled bread, vegans can find some tasty options in this market, though you won’t be overwhelmed by vegan options like the rest of Taipei (link to guide).

Night market is popular in Taiwan. Most of them have small stalls of food, clothing, games and more. They open at about 5-6pm, and some shops open until past midnight.

Direction To Shilin Night Market

Shilin market is actually closer to Jiantan Station than Shilin Station. Go to Jiantan Station exit 1. Shilin Market is diagonally opposite the street after you leave the station. Most people will head in that direction.

Sugar coated doughnut and pastry 雙胞胎

This shop at the start of the market sells 2 types of baked goods, including this sugar-coated doughnut. The texture is quite nice and the price is cheap.

Tongue-shaped pastry 素食牛舌餅

Just behind the first shop is this one selling crispy oven baked bread. They have two flavors: salted peanut on the left and sweet malt on the right.

Braised Tofu 吳家素食辣豆乾

These extremely dark, almost black, pieces are made with hard tofu. And they are all vegan. The flavor is salty and spicy (some flavors are more spicy than the others). One of the selling points of this shop is that the pieces are naturally colored. You can choose the amount and the variety you want.

Grilled Corn 炭烤玉米

This stall on the right sells corn (玉米)

There are a few of this type of grilled corn shop. They are almost always vegetarian. Avoid flavors like butter (牛油), cream (奶油) or cheese (起司) and you should be good to go.

Grilled King Oyster Mushroom 燒烤杏鮑菇

One of the most popular shop in the market is this grilled mushroom shop

One of the most popular snacks in this night market. At the time of visit, there are two shops opposite each other selling grilled mushrooms. The one with the long queue is cheaper and more popular.

You can choose different flavours like seaweed, mustard, pepper, etc. The price of the more popular shop is TW$100 and the opposite shop is TW$150 or 200 depending on the size.

This shop on the opposite side is less busy but more expensive
Grilled mushroom from the more expensive shop

QQ Sweet Potato Balls QQ地瓜球

QQ ball stall on the left and grilled mushroom on the right

Another vegan food that appears in many night market is sweet potato balls. They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Sometimes they add flavour powder on top. My recommendation would be plum flavour. Avoid flavours like cheese as they are not vegan.

Cold Noodles and Stinky Tofu 家湘涼麵

This shop sells cold noodles and stinky tofu. There are some seats inside the shop. The menu is mostly vegan except the miso soup which contains fish. However, the reviews of this shop don’t seem to be good with complaints about the small portion and average quality.

Stinky Tofu 'Fries' 堂薯薯臭薯條

This shop uses stinky tofu and makes it into the shape of fries. Try it if you are feeling adventurous. Flavor 2 (sweet and sour),7 (teriyaki) and 8 (salt and pepper) are vegan.

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