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Vegan Festival Korea in Seoul

Keep in mind because of the global pandemic, some of the restaurant details may have changed. Always check their socials/website or calling before going.
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You may have heard that Seoul is not the most vegan-friendly city. So its vegan festival wouldn't be any good, right?

Think again!

As a vegan foodie, the 2019 6th Vegan Festival Korea in Seoul impressed me with great food and great vibes.

The festival was separated in two sections, food and non-food. You will be glad to hear that there's a good variety of food, like burgers, desserts and more traditional Korean food. For non-food stall, you can find cruelty-free fashion, cosmetics, and more.

Read on to see some of the food and tips if you are planning to go next year.

There's a shop selling palm leaf plates
Area for people to wash their utensils


Pro Tips

  • Go Early. Some foods will be sold out pretty early especially the desserts.
  • Bring your utensils, and bags to take away the food you like.
  • Outside the festival, the participating cafes and restaurants may close on that day. So check their socials before going.

Direction and General Info

Official Facebook page

πŸ“ Seoul Innovation Park μ„œμšΈν˜μ‹ νŒŒν¬β€‹

Go to Bulgwang Station and use exit 2. Follow the crowd and cross the road. There should be signs to lead you to the park, which will be on your left.

What Can You Find At Vegan Festival Korea

Dalyang Vegan Cafe


This popular stall sells burgers and soft serve ice cream. This shrimp burger has sweet chili sauce, mayo, and other veggies inside. They also have a beef burger and a chicken burger.

Facebook | Instagram




THE RAW by twins


Chocolate with caramel jam, matcha with strawberry chia jam

Whenever there are desserts, there is a line.

THE RAW by twins had a long queue for the raw donuts with jam filling inside. They ran out by 2-3pm!

Website | Instagram




Fried rice cake with spicy Korean sauce


For just 1000 won, this traditional snack is cheap and delicious. Ask for less sauce if you can't handle spicy food (like me).



Little Ghost Co


This stall sells delicious nut milk coffee with ice cream. Discount if you bring your own tumblr. They also sell homemade nut butter.




Michelle's Cookie Factory

Satisfy your cooking cravings from this stall. They have flavors like matcha marshmallow, choc-chip and earl grey.

Facebook | Instagram





Other than this vegan earl grey milk tea, they also sell vegan cakes and desserts (with a long queue).

Website | Instagram‍





This stall sells fried snacks (soy meatball and fried tempeh) and desserts (custard tart and cakes). Their matcha spread is very delicious as well.

Website | Instagram‍



Sunny Bread Β 


Got a slightly chewy cookie from this stall. Everything in this stall is gluten free.

Website | Facebook | Instagram



Some other great vegan food


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